Tinkerwell: Tinker with your local/remote PHP & Magento 2 Code

If you don’t know about Tinerwell app

Tinkerwell is the magical code editor that runs your code within local and remote PHP applications. In other words, it’s a RELP(read-eval-print loop) for PHP.

Though there are some tools like

But the main advantage of the Tinkerwell app over others is that it can tinker locally and also remotely(via SSH). Also, it has official IDE plugins so that you can run code directly from your favorite code editor(VSCode, Sublime Text 3 and PhpStorm).

This is how it looks Tinkerwell + Magento 2

For more details, please visit – https://blog.magepsycho.com/tinkerwell-tinker-with-your-local-remote-php-magento-2-code/

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