Unique hostnames for each Magento server in cluster, is it possible?

Hi all,

With magento is it possible to have a unique hostname to address an individual node in a web cluster for testing purposes?

The scenario is this:

We have multiple identical web nodes behind a load-balancer. I want our QA teams to be able to test an individual node independently by bypassing the load balancer and hitting the node directly. We could use something like web1.domain.com web2.domain.com and so on. The point here would be to validate that functionality works properly on an individual node rather than assessing through a load balancer where you might get session fixation or random flapping that hides the problem.

I know that a QA tester could alter the hosts file to achieve this, but having a go-to hostname seems a simply solution.

It’s easy enough to add a server alias in apache or nginx, but I’m not sure what kind of Magento config would be necessary to have a single store instance respond correctly to multiple hostnames/aliases. Hopefully this is doable?

Appreciate your thoughts!

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