Best approach for Catalog Price Rules in Magento 2?

Hi, we’re looking to set up a load of catalog price rules in our M2 store, to deal with trade pricing and regular discounts to products.

In M1, we had a lot of catalog price rules (approx 70 rules) and the indexing of those slowed down massively to the point it was getting stuck and not completing, so we had to move to use group pricing instead and set the prices at a product level in M1. Is this something that has improved any in M2?

If we have 50,000 products and 5 store views and we want to set up some discounts per brand, what’s the best way to go about this in M2? There seems 2 ways to do it, but which will work best?

1) We create a price rule for each level of discount, then add various brands and categories to the conditions for this. We’d end up with about 10 rules, but with fairly complex sets of conditions for each

2) We create a price rule for each brand, where the conditions are very simple, but we end up with more like 50 individual rules.

In theory the end result from both approaches is the same, but is there 1 method which is technically better than the other?



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