Change how Magento generates Product Image URLs


We are working on a yet-to-be-launched Magento installation. We have roughly 19,000 products with images. We’re using the SIRV CDN to store images, and its extension to add functionality to the product details page. What’s great about this is that we can upload the image to SIRV and it automatically appears on the product details page without having to add it to the product in Magento. SIRV stores the images as{sku}/{sku}.jpg SIRV also creates a json file:

The problem is, the extension does not override the images elsewhere (category, cart, upsell, etc.) Is there an extension out there that allows us to modify this by specifying a path pattern in the admin panel? If not, would this custom work be difficult?

Just FYI: Not expecting any code here, just fishing for some wisdom. Thanks in advance.

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