Does anyone use a “cache warming” service?

My brother’s Magento website is great, but if a page hasn’t loaded recently then it can take 4-7 seconds to render, which gives a bad impression and is probably costing him sales. If a page has loaded recently then the site responds in around 100 milliseconds, which is great.

I’m a software developer and I’m thinking about building a “cache warming” service which will periodically visit every page on a website to ensure that they’re all cached. Part of it will be to run a test that will measure the effectiveness of cache warming on a site to see if it would help.

Is this something that would interest people?

If I build it, what’s the best way to reach Magento users? I know service advertising isn’t permitted here (which is why I haven’t mentioned its name), but I might consider Reddit advertising. Any other good ways to reach Magento users?

Many thanks.

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