Feedback about Gamma Pay

Hello all!

I have created a service that lets people use mobile wallets like Apple Pay to make desktop payments. It boosts conversion rates by ~1.5x

You can try a demo here:

I’m looking for feedback and if you are intrigued, early adopters to give it a try.

The motivation for it came from a personal experience. I often shop on Amazon (as do many others) because of the convenience — my payment etc are already there and I don’t even have to think about it. But one time recently I was looking to buy a new pair of running shoes and wanted to support the brand (Brooks) by buying directly from their website (I figured they’d keep more of the $ this way). I picked the shoes and then I hit the checkout page – literally a wall of form fields asking me to reg and then enter payment + billing + shipping info. I ended up going back to Amazon for that order. Then it occurred to me that what just happened there is probably happening to other people. Checkout friction is causing checkout abandonment. So I started looking for a way to bring the convenience of using Apple Pay, etc. to desktops and help level the playing field vs amazon.

Looking forward to your feedback 🙂

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