Can anyone take a screenshot of an Admin grid on M2 using a Windows PC?

Sorry to ask a favour like this, but I have a client who cannot see the light grey (#f5f5f5) background colour used for alternate rows in the Magento 2 Admin.

I know the issue is their monitor because they sent a screenshot (which they claim has all white rows) and I can see the alternate rows. I took a photo of my screen showing their screenshot on my phone and sent this to his phone and he can see the rows properly.

The client has checked mutiple computers and is sure all Windows machines cannot see these alternate rows. While this could be true, my guess is that if this was the case, it would be a big bug in Magento that would have been fixed long ago (they can’t see the rows in Magento 1 either).

So, if anyone has access to a windows machine and Magento 2 Admin, a screenshot and confirm that you can see the alternate rows would be great. Also if you haven’t been able to see them in the past and fixed the issue (reconfigured your monitor), any advice/tips would be welcome.

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