Got a weird one, can’t find any other reports of this

So was doing some tests today after installing the updated ebizmart payment suite (problem is not to do with that as it’s doing it with paypal as well).
So part of my test was putting a test order through so I chose to do a test purchase of an item where the inventory was qty of 2 and I’m going to purchase one.
Order went through fine as usual and can see that the sku qty has reduced now down to 1
But this is where the weird bit came in, I did a credit memo on the order (i’ve tried this with both an offline and online refund) and the qty of the sku went down to 0.
I’ve got magento set so that when you do a credit memo it doesn’t return the item to stock (as we use linnworks for stock management, again nothing to do with the issue as i did the refund before it even got pulled into linnworks) but still it shouldn’t have reduced the stock level again by 1.

Has anyone ever come across this, i’ve googled but can’t find any other reports on this.

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