Hi All, I have tried to get fixed discount amount working on magento 2.4.2 but its not giving the desired results.

I want to give €100 fixed amount voucher to a customer who won a competition. Free Shipping included in the voucher.

The customer can buy more items as they want but the voucher will only remove 100 euro from their entire cart including taxes and other fees.

For example if cart total is 120 euro, after discount, customer will pay 20euro. If cart is 90 euro, customer will pay 0€ after discount.

However when set the cart price rule: Conditions tab is empty Fixed amount discount is €100 Apply to shipping amount: Yes Free Shipping: For shipping with matching items.

When I use the above setup, add a product to cart, after discount is applied, I am still required to pay some extra fee even when the item in cart is less than the discount amount ad tax is not taken into the account as well.

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