How long do development tasks take you?

I’m trying to work out what are reasonable expectations and how my timeframes match up.

So how long do common development tasks take you and what would you timeframe would you expect someone whose taught themselves and been working on Magento 2 for about 2 years to take doing them?

Examples I can think of (based on things I’ve had to do at least once):

  • 2 admin ui components for a custom module, a grid leading to a form with the data providers, collections and admin controllers
  • Checkout customisations – adding legal notices, new fields, a new step
  • jQuery frontend widget
  • a minor version update (2.3.4 to 2.3.5 etc.)
  • The 2.4 update

I’m hoping this may give me an idea if I’m slow or are expectations and work load rather high at the moment.

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