How to Issue Replacement Requests in Admin

Is there an extension that lets me go to any order in admin and with the click of a button authorize a replacement of that order?

Example: A site prints custom embroidered apparel like t-shirts with logos. A shirt arrives and the logo was printed with the wrong shade of red! You tell the unhappy customer, “sorry. keep that shirt. it’s on us. I’ll ship you a fixed one today!”. You don’t want the customer to deal with the headache of processing a return authorization, you just want a simple way to take care of the customer yourself.

When I view an order in admin I see the REORDER button but this charges the customer’s card for that same order. Your basically just duplicating the last purchase. The customer is getting charged … it isn’t the same thing. Is pretty much my only option to assign a new order status like REDO and alert my staff when an order is marked REDO, it’s top priority to open it, view the notes about the mistake and reprint it?

I don’t like the status idea because the previous order had shipped and there was a shipment tracking number assigned to the previous order and all sorts of notes and history about that order and that order’s experiences. I feel like the redo situation deserves it’s own order page imho. It’ll have it’s own USPS racking number etc.

It would also be great to track all these REDO or reprint requests.

I have MageWorx Order Management tool but this doesn’t seem to resolve the matter.

PS: Running Magento ver. 2.3.3

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