How would I go about coding a plugin like this Magento 2.4?


I’m very new to Magento and PHP. I’ve just set up Magento 2.4 and hosted it on a remote server along with the sample data.

Now, I’ve managed to make myself familiar with how the Magento admin page works, but now I would like to code a plugin that would allow the customers to generate custom wine bottle labels. I imagine it to be just an additional box in the product detail page where a customer would be able to pick from a variety different pre-made label images and then create their own text, choose their favourite font and place the text wherever they like within one of the pre-made label images. So just a sort of a visualization thingy. Then, I would like for the custom label information to be saved as a part of the order.

I’m quite confused as to where to start, however. Could you please point me to some reading or video tutorials that I could use to get a basic idea of how to code a plugin like this? Or real life examples of similar plugins? I think I could do it in Javascript, but I’m not sure how I could hook it up to work with Magento and PHP.

I would like to code it myself from scratch just to learn something, so I’m not interested in already available plugins that would allow me to have such functionality.

Thank you!

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