Mage one vs. Open Mage?

Hi, I’m not a developer but I managed to build our company’s website in 2012 with Magento. I believe we’re at version 1.7 or something currently. I don’t remember much from when I did the site so I’m just completely lost with a lot of stuff. We’re a small company, so can’t spend a fortune on a web developer.

Our web hosting provider told us PHP 7.2 won’t be supported after end of this year, and that our website will no longer work.

Our website does use some third party extensions I believe. Also a custom theme.

I’ve already been working on a new website using WordPress. But I’m way behind since it’s not my main job. I think I can finish mid to late next year.

As a temporary solution, would you guys recommend OpenMage or MageOne for me? Or something else? I barely remember how to do all the technical stuff so the easier to transition the better. I don’t mind paying up to $50 a month just to get by with Magento 1 for a while.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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