Magento 2 Devs

So, I’m sure this question is as common as dirt, but where on earth do I find a competent Magento developer? I do have an overseas developer that knows just enough to get things done. It’s painful.

Long story short; started on Magento 1 and loved it. Moved to Magento 2, and I HATE it. However, nothing else comes close to the functionality. WordPress has been excruciating for the products we sell (configurable with a lot of math).

The cost to maintain M2 is obscene. E.g. currently paying $500/month for ShipperHQ, and their support is horrendous. Getting “carrier with such method not found”, etc. Tried to get an agency to audit the stack and site code, as well as speed optimization, but they estimated $10k-$12k just to start.

#Idea: Why don’t some of you devs make a dedicated shipping extension for $150/month? It seems like a huge opportunity waiting to be seized upon. Not sure that’s enough, but it’s worth a look. Also, said extension must be hosted locally. ShippedHQ is a nice idea, but oh boy, I would never go that route again.

Site is up and running……..sigh. Any feedback or input is appreciated.

I know this post is a rambling wreck.

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