Magento DB purge


We are looking to migrate a large M1 store to M2. The store has a lot of legacy data. 1M orders, half a million customers. 30k SKUs (most of them disabled). We did a test port and apart from the fact that the data migration takes a long time M2 doesn’t seem to scale that well with that much data either (backend load times, indexing, db queries, db INSERT/DELETE/UPDATE …). We are thinking to attempt a data purge. I’m thinking to delete all orders that are more than 18 months old and delete all disabled products. From a business perspective that would be workable.

Of course we will create a backup of that data and create a legacy install in case we need to look at the deleted data again.

I see that there are a few extensions out there that offer archive functionality but I think a straight purge would probably work best in our case.

I was wondering if someone has attempted something similar and if there are any pitfalls I should be aware of?

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