Magento import and CSV format

I have very complicated products to import to my Magento system. In order to understand how the information is stored in Magento, I decided to export a CSV file from Magento backend of products identical to the ones I wish to import.

When I open the exported CSV file there are a couple of things I observed.

  1. The file’s columns are separate using commas
  2. String fields (like that of Description) that include commas are enclosed in quotes.

After using this CSV file as a prototype for a new import (new CSV file), I created my new CSV file using Pandas. Upon opening it using a TextEditor, I see that the separator delimiter of my new file is a semicolon and that string fields are not enclosed by commas.

When I import the new file to Magento using its import functionality, I get an error (I imagine it is due to the file not being comma delimited). My approach was to manually enclose String fields with quotes and to replace semicolons with commas. This is so far not working.

Has anyone faced a similar issue and if so, what is a more natural workflow for solving this issue.

As a side note, the CSV file does not include columns for some custom attributes. Would it be an error if I manually add these columns?

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