Need some help and Guidance regarding Magento SEO.

So to summarize: We had an agency create and migrate some of our stuff from the old website to a new website. But after a few months of running, we noticed a significant amount of decrease in oeganic traffic. After checking, we found out that thwy did not import any of the meta tags, like title description, etc.

We have a total of 121 products, but with variations, it will be over 5,916.

What we wanted to do first was go thru each of these 5,916 variations and products and insert our meta data manually. But what I formulated was that we only needed to add the meta data to those products that have this: Visibility > Category, Search

Instead of adding it yo variations which have: Visibility > Not visible…

I have two questions: 1. Is my understanding correct? That we only have to add the meta data to those with visibility > category, search?

  1. After changing the SEO data, how long will it take effect for us to see it on the url’s page source? I did change a few already, but I only saw the results for 1 product so far. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance!

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