Read Receipts & Email Tracking for Magento 2?

Are there any Magento 2 solutions for read receipts and email tracking?

The use case is that we sometimes get customers saying they didn’t get their order confirmation email, or maybe that they never got that credit memo email or an order update email.

We would like to have some visibility in the admin that can help us track and confirm when an email was sent and opened.

We have this in our ticket support system (Zendesk) via a third-party app (, and our team relies upon this heavily, so was hoping to bring something like this into M2 admin for them.


Edit – I see this SMTP Email Settings extension by Amasty ( has a log of all sent emails. This is sort of along the lines of what we’re looking for, but the sent emails log is only providing date/time, email subject, recipient email, and status. Was hoping it would also tie back to things like Order # or Customer Account.

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