SEO firms for Magento

I know by posting this I will likely get a slew of links to search engine optimization companies. There are literally thousands in Google. 🙂

I currently use Magento 2.3. We have a multi store set up. I can simply Google “Magento SEO“ and it will come up with a number of companies who claim they understand how to SEO optimize Magento. When we talk on the phone all of a sudden they tell me how difficult it is to rank with Magento and they don’t really seem to be too self-assured.

I will admit that Magento can be a nightmare to work with. I actually work with a developer and we’ve had many long days trying to work out the kinks with the cart. The site does feel a little slow and I would like to run a performance analysis on everything including extensions that we use, server hardware, etc.

I realize that there is a lot to take into consideration and I think that it’s important that I find a company that understands the shopping cart and can tackle issues from all different angles other than looking at linking and content specifically.

Is there a SEO firm that anybody uses? Could you recommend somebody? I realize that a lot of these companies have sales people and a lot of what they say is just hype talk but I really would like to find a company that understands this shopping cart because it does seem to be a unique platform in the eyes of many.

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