Contact form at /contact/ <— how to use or move on from?

I notice that the contact form at Magento is listed as /contact/. I created a page called /support.html and it explains this is our hours, this is how you can contact us, etc. Then it goes if you want to email us, go here, and it goes to /contact/. I can add a cms block to the /contact/ page and I can add some nice text like, “fill out the form below to message us, blah blah blah” but the problem is, that /contact/ url has weak SEO. I was able to change TITLE to Contact Us but there is no meta description, it just uses the generic meta description for all pages with no meta description.

I guess I find this /contact/ page useless since I should just have the form on /support.html. I guess magento does not support this? Are there third party modules that will create unique contract forms and let me place them on any page, any block, as widgets? I would like to create unique forms depending on the situation like, “suggest a product, “submit a return”, “get help” and use the forms in different ways.

For now I’m just looking for what to do with /contact/. Do most people just make /contact/ their default support page or do they have two pages?

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