Integrate WP and Magento on Seperate Servers w/ FishPig

I’m the dev at FishPig (Ben) and I just wanted to let everyone know about version 3 of the Magento WordPress Integration module (if this kind of content isn’t allowed then please remove and accept my apologies!).

The core module is still free but the new version allows you to integrate WordPress into Magento when installed on separate servers via the WordPress API and DB. This connection is one way so Magento connects to the WP API and DB but WordPress does not connect back to Magento and has no access in anyway to Magento. This massively reduces any possible security risk posed by WordPress and integration with Magento.

The new integration method is just as fast as the previous version and includes a much tighter JS integration, meaning more plugin support and a generally smoother integration experience.

I know previously some devs had issues with installing WP on the same server as Magento but this is no longer a requirement (although you can still continue to integrate in this way if you wish).

This should also mean that Magento Cloud users can now integrate WordPress into Magento again without breaking the terms of the Magento cloud contract.

The v3 branch has been available and stable since the end of 2021 so is ready if anyone wants to give it a try.

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