How to deploy from subdomain (staging) to domain (production)?

I wonder what’s the best and least complex way to deploy an M2 installation to live environment? With M1 it was possible to set up the complete installation with all extensions etc. to an dev subdomain like “” to do all the configuration like tax classes, shipping methods etc. and then just copy all files to “” , copy the database, change etc/app/env.php and core_config_data database table to new domain.

I tried the same with M2 and it still seems to work. Of course + running deploy:mode:set production

But I wonder if that’s actually a safe and reliable way to move from development subdomain to live domain.


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How to get reference token for google business api

I am getting a response from OAuth 2.0 Playground when i hit the URL in the browser i am getting the following error,


{ "error": { "code": 401, "message": "Request is missing required authentication credential. Expected OAuth 2 access token, login cookie or other valid authentication credential. See", "status": "UNAUTHENTICATED" } } 

How to set OAuth to my URL?

How to get a reference token and how to view the response in the browser?

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Magento 1 Themes

I am running a legacy Magento 1 store on the latest version that is also being patched by OpenMage.

The store is very small but has a decent amount of products on it and I was wondering if anyone could suggest a nice pre-made theme to work with for a reskin?

I do have plans for migrating to a new ecommerce platform however that will be a costly and time consuming effort and I would like to redo the theme first if possible.

Like most, my primary concern is SEO and Performance; I of course want it to be fast and Search Engine friendly.

Does anyone have any suggestions as per purchasing a particular theme?

Any advice would be amazingly appreciated.

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In-Store Pickup not available when products have custom options with sku

Hello there,

im new to Magento and trying to figure out a little problem.I followed the devDocs from magento to configure the In-Store Pickup shipping method for corona purposes and it works well. I got 5 Locations and everything is working fine, every product works with that shipping method. The Products have Customizable options and they also work fine.

The Problem occours when I try to give sku’s to these options. The In-Store Pickup Method disapears as soon as I define sku’s for the options and I dont understand why. It does not show only for these Products. I tryed everything but I cant sell Products with sku’s in these options with In-Store Pickup.

Has anyone encountered the same Problem or can tell me why this happens?Thanks!

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Create a new route in webapi.xml under file path vendor/magento/module-catalog/webapi.xml

I wanted to fetch my products data from the V1/products API but it’s restricted to only admin credentials. To let customers get access, I copy pasted the entire route section and changed only the api end point from V1/products to V1/appproducts. When I fetch this request on postman I get a message saying the entered route is not valid.

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Customer Login, Products and Place Order REST APIs for React Native from an existing Magento 2 website.

Hey guys, I have a client who wants an app and I’ll be building it using expo. The problem right now is, they already have a website built on magento 2. The only functionalities that we need are customer log in, fetch products and place the order. I only need the necessary apis for these 3 functions mainly. I’ve tried going their docs but I keep getting “Consumer isn’t authorised to access %resource”. I tried copying the oauth key I found from their database and used it as a token and still I get the same error. I read about a solution where in the magento admin panel, we can set allow anonymous guest users but I feel like that’s bad for the security of the overall application. Would be great if anybody could help or even share relevant materials like videos or blogs on this. Thank you!

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Need for Magento payment integration?

Hi everyone,

I work at Revolut, for those who don’t know, a tech company offering modern and easy-to-use financial tools for businesses.

Being this group populated with online shop owners, I thought some of you might be interested in our Merchant account product that allows you to get paid faster and pay way less commissions on your payment provider. Magento directly integrates with our plug-in. This comes along with all the other features of the Revolut business account. Free plan & paid plans.

Just email me or DM on LinkedIn if you wanna jump on a call or product demo 🙂

[[email protected]](mailto:[email protected])

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{{block class=“” name=“” template=“l” }} – Get phtml templatescript partially working on CMS page

If i using single script on cms page it is working,

{{block class="AmastyStorelocatorBlockLocation" name="location.block.home" template="Zero_Storelocator::home-page-mobile1.phtml" }} 

If i add two more scripts to cms page it is showing only first script, remaining not to return the values, individually i tested all are working.

{{block class="AmastyStorelocatorBlockLocation" name="location.block.address" template="Zero_Storelocator::home-page-mobile1.phtml" }} {{block class="AmastyStorelocatorBlockLocation" name="" template="Zero_Storelocator::home-page-mobile2.phtml" }} {{block class="AmastyStorelocatorBlockLocation" name="location.block.hours" template="Zero_Storelocator::home-page-mobile3.phtml" }} 

Each script working when i call individually, if i call all the script at the same time first line of the script only working, the remaining script not working.


 if (response && _.isArray(response.items) && self.options.homeHeader && self.options.commonBlock && self.options.homePage && self.options.homeMobile && self.options.homeHours) { response.items = [_.first(response.items)]; response.totalRecords = 1; } .............. .............. .............. if (self.options.homePage) { var homeAddress = ''; var firstStore = _.first(locations.items); if (firstStore.distance) { homeAddress = '<div class="homepage-store">' + firstStore.address + ',' + firstStore.state + ' ' + + '</div>'; } console.log(homeAddress); self.storeListIdentifier.html(homeAddress); } if (self.options.homeMobile) { var homeMobileaddress = ''; var firstStore = _.first(locations.items); if (firstStore.distance) { homeMobileaddress = '<div class="homepage-store">' + + '</div>'; } console.log(homeMobileaddress); self.storeListIdentifier.html(homeMobileaddress); } if (self.options.homeHours) { var homeHoursstore = ''; var firstStore = _.first(locations.items); if (firstStore.distance) { homeHoursstore = '<div class="homepage-store">' + firstStore.store_hours_weekdays +' ,' +firstStore.store_hours_weekend_days+ '</div>'; } console.log(homeHoursstore); self.storeListIdentifier.html(homeHoursstore); } 

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