Compelling Reasons to Maintain a Company Website

A lot of small company owners make excuses for why they don’t update their websites. However, consistent website upkeep is essential if you want a website that efficiently draws customers to your company.

Maintaining a website is often overlooked since it isn’t considered an asset. Keeping up with a website if it isn’t converting is a waste of time and money.

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Unable to change Discount Price on already discounted products

A client’s store is showing a weird bug where products that already have a discount cannot have their price changed (you can change it in the Admin interface, but those changes aren’t reflected in the shop). I assume the problem there is with the database, that an update that’s been done in the past f*cked something up with their data. But I don’t know much about the magento2 database, and of course documentation isn’t really there either. So, any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

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“Enabled” set to YES in DB -> shows NO on frontend

I’m not sure when this started, or if it’s always been there, but many of our enabled block/pages/etc are showing as NO for the toggle. These are in fact enabled and active — which is fine! But it is bothering me and can be confusing for anyone else using the admin store. edit: It doesn’t seem to happen on products, but rather other elements/forms.

Has anyone encountered this, and is there anything I can particularly look for to debug? Advice appreciated, thanks. I don’t exactly know what to look for in google to really do my own research.

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How do I fix my email templates?

I just upgraded to 2.4.3-p2 and a lot of my email templates broke. I can see in the release notes there were some backward incompatible changes made. I figured I would just have to redo them.

I would like to show items on the order confirmation. I click insert variable and it adds this-

{{layout handle=”sales_email_order_items” order=$order}}

But it doesn’t work. Did they leave the old variables in? I figured they would have switched those out so you could still build email templates. How should that look to work?

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Need a Comparison between Magento and Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Hi guys, as an intern at a CRM solutions provider, I’m trying to understand the differences in different aspects of the two solutions.

My main areas of concern for which I require a comparison are:

  1. UI and Ease of Use
  2. Implementation and Training
  3. Software Capabilities and Limitations
  4. Pricing
  5. Security

Please be brutally honest with your opinions on this. I have zero bias towards or against any of these products or organizations and am simply trying to learn as much as possible from your inputs. Thanks 🙂

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Memory requirements for M2

I just setup a new droplet at digital ocean using their marketplace”app”

Although I have no visitors on this server, the memory utilization is 80% and all I have done so far is configure the base store with no sample data. Virtually no load on CPU it’s idling at 1.5% which is basically the same as our production server.

The “plan” is Basic shared CPU
8 GB Memory / 160 GB Disk / SFO2 – Magento 2 Open Source 1.5.1 on Ubuntu 20.04 (LTS)

On M1, my memory usage was always 80-90% too, whether I was running 8GB or 16GB Ram. My live store only gets about 200 users a day.

Is this just normal?

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Duplicate orders caused by OSC module

Hi All,

I’m debugging an issue currently that has been plaguing one of our clients site now for a good few months. I’m not a massive fan of OSC modules but our client insists on using it.

The client processes around 1000 orders a day and about 10% of these orders customers report that they did not see the ‘Thank you your order page’ and instead were sent to the empty basket page.

We don’t usually experience this when testing changes on the development site but then I’m not sure we ever reach the volume of orders the live website does.

Has anyone ever experienced this issue? I feel it has to be related to Redis in some way but I’ve tried enable/disable locking and increasing frontend limits which doesn’t seem to help.

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How can you boost sales on your e-commerce website?

You can boost your e-commerce sales by following different tips and tricks. To help you out, we have listed two methods below.

Best website development through Magento 2 development:

Due to the millions of e-commerce websites available on the market. You need a Magento 2 development services company. They will create your website in such a way that it will stand out from the competitors. If they stand out from the competitors, then that helps in boosting the sales.

If you have a leading Magento 2 development services company, then you will get a perfect eCommerce website. That enables your visitors to do research, browse products, and purchase their favourite ones. Visitors buy the products they want from the comfort of their homes with a few clicks on their computer, tablet, or mobile device.

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Learning Magento 2

Hello everybody!

I’m just curious where did people learn how to install and manage Magento 2 webshops? I know there’s a lot of documentation on the internet. But are there any good YouTube channels with tutorials or other websites that offer good Magento 2 courses? I think it’s easier to watch someone explain stuff and give tips and tricks rather than reading through 1000 of words of documentation 🙂

Post the links in the comments if you have something useful – it doesn’t matter if it’s free or payable courses.

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