How To Hire Magento Developer

Magento is a very popular open-source e-commerce platform that every developer uses to create amazing applications for their clients. When the business site is live and is running on Magento, it is not easy to manage an online store on your own.

But, hiring the right Magento developers can be a difficult task. There are multiple factors to consider when a business plans to hire a Magento web developer. For instance, finding out the best company to hire Magento developers from, taking the correct recruitment steps to make a perfect choice, and more.

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How do I generate sales?

Hello, I am from Sinfytech. All lead generation tactics and strategies help you get leads. The best way boils down to how you’re generating sales leads, what you’re selling, and who you’re selling it to.

Inbound marketing methods can help your business create a steady stream of inbound sales leads. Use the following lead generation strategies to generate sales leads for your business.

Ask current customers for referrals.

Work with your network to identify sales leads.

Engage with sales leads at networking events.

Revisit closed and lost opportunities.

Find sales leads on relevant social media networks.

Optimize your social media profiles to attract ideal sales leads.

Create an email sequence.

Write and publish informative articles and blogs.

Connect with live chat users.

Thank you

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[M1] ReCaptcha & Prototype Error

I just encountered this and it looks like this seems to be a recent issue due to maybe a change on Google’s end. We use a ReCaptcha plugin (Amasty’s) and would encounter an error when trying to submit a protected form. After some debugging and searching, I came across a StackOverflow post with a solution that helped me.

Hopefully this post helps anyone still on M1, just sharing for awareness because I imagine most storefronts are using ReCaptcha in some fashion.

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HTML Sitemap Extension For Magento 2

A Sitemap is generally an HTML document, It allows you to navigate your website to customers with ease. Sitemaps basically have a list of pages and links that you choose to index on Google and other search engines.

In other words, Sitemap is a summary of the entire website. Simultaneously, Sitemap also contains information about every single page like its date, and when it has been last modified, the page’s relevance to other pages.

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