Stripe custom storefront / magento graphql – edit cards?

we are building Stripe custom storefront at adobe commerce
Q1. this code returns cards but no customer names / address. how to retrieve them?
mutation {
listStripePaymentMethods {
Q2. there is addStripePaymentMethod examples. it misses customer names / address also. how to add/ edit card, including customer name and billing address? using stripe gql?
Q3. is there fuller documentation on stripe gql available?

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Does magento 2.4 not have option for different billing and shipping address? Yes, it does show “billing address” and “shipping address”, but on checkout its just one, and it sets both billing and shipping the same.

Or am I missing some setting?

For registered users under accounts on front end, it does show billing address and shipping address, but upon checkout, there is just one, and this one address is both billing and shipping as far as info go to documents

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Let’s Collaborate: Seeking a Magento Store for a Unique AI Project!


I am on the lookout for Magento store owners who are keen on harnessing the power of AI to address some distinct challenges in their business.

The idea is this: I want to create a bespoke AI solution or automation specifically designed for the unique requirements of your store. Whether it’s creating an AI shopping assistant for your store or any other AI-powered tool that solves a particular problem you’re facing, I’m all in. Your involvement will be vital in shaping this endeavor! I’ve created ChatGPT plugins, GPTs, and AI chatbots that personalize product recommendations to shoppers.Here’s what I’m looking for in a collaboration partner:

  1. An operational Magento store with at least a year in business and active sales.
  2. Availability for a weekly one-hour call to discuss progress and refine the AI solution.
  3. having a brick and mortar store to explore the possibility of voice assistants is a plus, but definitely not needed

Regarding the financial aspect, here’s my offer: I will take on all costs for the first month after we’ve developed a functional solution, so you have a period to evaluate the solution better.This project is rooted in the spirit of partnership and shared benefits. Once the first month is over, if you see value in the solution and wish to continue, we can talk about a cost arrangement that’s equitable and manageable for your business needs.

I’m embarking on this project because I deeply believe in the power of collaborating within our community and the transformative role AI can play in enhancing our businesses. If this resonates with you and you’re interested, please feel free to send me a direct message.

Thank you!

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As a client, what factors influence your decision to choose a freelancing platform?

Imagine this scenario: You’re on the lookout for a platform to bring your dream project to life. What factors play a pivotal role in your decision-making process when selecting a freelancing platform?

Are you drawn to platforms that showcase a diverse pool of talents, each with a unique set of skills? Or perhaps it’s the seamless project management tools that ensure your vision is executed flawlessly. Maybe a transparent pricing structure or excellent customer support has left a lasting impression on you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts – the intricacies of what truly matters to you when embarking on a freelancing journey. Your insights will not only guide me in shaping the future of a project I’m working on, but also contribute to creating a client-centric haven where your expectations are not just met but exceeded.

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So many dev folk hate magneto- what’s actually better?

I’m a business owner. We have a magento site. It’s a very complicated site with a lot of customization including “2-sided” marketplace functionality. We’ve spent a ton. Whenever we speak with someone outside our org, they say magento is old and far from the best. So- ok, what’s a truly robust alternative. We first tried Shopify and couldn’t have done we what did as quickly etc, so Shopify’s out. Help pls. Thx!

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Should the GraphQL API endpoint be publicly accessible? How do you protect it?

Obviously if the FE is making GraphQL requests to Magento that has to be available to the client.

That said, I wonder if there are techniques or strategies or best practices around protecting the GraphQL API endpoint in Magento from abuse.

One option could be introducing a middleware layer that reduces the potential exposure / scope of the API exposed, or of course a customization within Magento itself to limit the GraphQL resources exposed.

Anyway, thanks for any thoughts / expertise!

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Stuck in a Puzzle

I want to share a bit of my business journey with you. Lately, I’ve been thinking about different services for my business, like SEO and copywriting. Ever been in a spot where you’re like, “What do I even need?”

Imagine me standing there, scratching my head, trying to figure out which services my business really needs. It’s like standing in front of a buffet and not knowing where to start. Ever felt that way?

So, I took the plunge and hired folks for different jobs. But, whoa, it wasn’t all smooth sailing. Have you ever hired for different services? What obstacles did you face? Any cool moments of success?

Deciding to get help felt like sending a rocket into space – a bit nerve-wracking! How did you figure out which professionals to bring on board? Any tricks or oops moments you encountered?

Let’s chat about those moments when you had to make decisions that could make or break your business. How did you choose which services to go for? Any surprising turns or easy shortcuts you discovered?

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Building an Online Presence

So, imagine this – there I am, a humble entrepreneur with nothing but dreams and a laptop, setting out to build a digital footprint for my business.

As I treaded into the digital landscape, obstacles appeared like unexpected potholes on a rainy day. Did you ever face challenges in utilizing platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter for business growth? What were your stumbling blocks, and how did you overcome them?

Navigating through the various platforms sometimes felt like wandering in a dense fog. How did you determine your path – the right mix of platforms, content strategies, and engagement tactics? Any amazing moments or lessons learned?

Let’s get real here – it’s a jungle out there! Excited to hear about your encounters with the digital beasts and tips on how to make a meaningful connection.

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Magento 2 – Category Products index taking 10mins


I am on 2.4.6 and baffled with a certain behaviour of this indexer.

After uploading a batch of 1000 new products into the store, I was terrified to notice the Category Products index process jumping from 4 seconds to 10 minutes.

To troubleshoot, I split the file into smaller batches based on category. So 1 upload may have had 100 products and another file may only have 1.

I was able to determine that even 1 product can trigger a jump of as much as 35seconds, i.e. going from 4seconds to reindex this indexer to 40. the worst batch took reindexing to 4mins 30secs.

Deleting the respective products immediately after takes the indexer time back down to 4secs.

I have looked at the custom attributes of these products and I cannot see a pattern that is any different to the products that do not impact the indexer negatively. Attributes are shared between these sets of products and they may or may have Show In Listing turned on, it makes no difference.

Anyone has experienced anything similar?


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What LiveChat sofftware do you use? We’re considering leaving LiveChatInc

Long story shot, their software is good but it can’t quite be configured how we need it. It’s also getting expensive, with them going through their second large price increase in 12 months.

The problem is with whatever replacement we go with, we need it to show customer basket contents in realtime. LC offers this feature, I can’t find any others that do that though.

Any suggestions?

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Job Hiring: Seeking Experts in Social Media Marketing, Content Creation, Web Design, Web Development, SEO Configuration & Setup, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, SEO Backlinking, and Copywriting.

I am Fadly AlShahawi, an accomplished entrepreneur and the visionary behind several successful e-commerce ventures. Today, I am excited to introduce a groundbreaking business opportunity that has the potential to enhance your sales performance and open new avenues for professional growth.
We are on the verge of launching an innovative service-oriented website that is poised to transform into a comprehensive agency. Your exceptional skills and expertise are precisely what we are seeking to bolster our rapidly expanding team. The beauty of this opportunity lies in its flexibility – no need for a full-time commitment. You can seamlessly manage your responsibilities on this platform while making meaningful contributions to our agency.
Time is of the essence, and our job openings are limited. If this proposition intrigues you and you wish to delve deeper into the details, kindly respond at your earliest convenience.
Specific Requirements:
Web Designing:
We are in search of a web designer who can create visually stunning and user-friendly interfaces that captivate customers. The ideal candidate should possess experience in developing responsive designs and optimizing websites for various devices.
Long-term mentorship is sought to guide others in the journey of growing their online businesses. The ideal mentor should boast a robust background in e-commerce, dropshipping, and digital marketing.
Ad Managers:
Our requirement includes experts proficient in managing online advertising campaigns, encompassing Google Ads, Facebook Ads, and other platforms. A proven track record in driving traffic and achieving conversions is essential.
Dropshipping Stores:
Assistance is needed in establishing dropshipping stores. The ideal candidate should have experience in product sourcing, inventory management, and order fulfillment.
We are on the lookout for SEO professionals capable of optimizing websites for search engines and enhancing organic rankings. Critical thinking, excellent communication skills, adaptability, and technical proficiency are key attributes we seek in a candidate.
SMM (Social Media Marketing):
Individuals with expertise in social media marketing are invited to join us in amplifying our online presence for our clients. Proficiency in crafting and implementing effective social media strategies to boost brand awareness is crucial.
Content Creation:
Creative minds adept at producing engaging content are essential to our team. If you have a flair for crafting compelling and shareable content across various platforms for our clients, we want to hear from you.
Web Development:
We are in need of skilled web developers capable of bringing our clients’ online projects to life. Experience in creating functional and aesthetically pleasing websites is key.
SEO Backlinking:
SEO experts with expertise in backlinking strategies are sought to contribute to our clients’ website visibility and authority in online search results.
Data Scientists:
We are seeking talented data scientists who can extract valuable insights from data to inform decision-making processes for our clients.
Full Stack Developers:
Skilled full-stack developers are invited to contribute their expertise in developing end-to-end solutions for our clients.
AI Specialists:
Professionals with expertise in artificial intelligence are crucial to our team as we strive to implement cutting-edge AI solutions for our clients.
Cybersecurity Experts:
Individuals proficient in cybersecurity are welcomed to ensure the safety and integrity of our clients’ online assets.
If you believe you are the perfect fit for any of these roles, we encourage you to seize this opportunity promptly. Your contribution could be the missing piece in our journey to redefine the landscape of online services for our valued customers.

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Magento sucks

I bet this was said many times before, here’s my take : I’ve had the misfortune of working with magento for the past 5 years, starting with 2.3, (I only worked with community edition) and it’s been hell. The developer experience is the worst, good luck debuging issues, improving performance with a large catalog, changing functionality for business needs. Etc etc. As a developer I encourage you not to work with magento, As a business owner literally use anything else. Fortunately i learned other things so i could find another job or i would’ve been miserable.

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