Magento on subdomain, while other system in main domain?

I have an Opencart site on the main domain, and i want to install a Magento on a subdomain, on which i’ll have just a sophisticated product configurator. (I run on a dedicated server and i won’t need indexing on the subdomain)

Is this ok to do? I couldn’t articulate any specific reason against, but somehow it doesn’t feel right to have two systems on the same account.

What do you think? Any possible downsides?

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Elogic Launches an Ecommerce YouTube Channel

Attention! Achtung! Attenzione! Elogic Commerce launched its own ecommerce YouTube channel called LoveCommerce on the latest trends and news in the industry.

The channel features ecommerce experts sharing their expertise on how to transform online retailers and brands into ecommerce leaders. The videos include business tips and tricks, full-fledged guides on new technologies, as well as overviews of platforms and ecommerce functionalities.

The videos roll out every week on the official ecommerce YouTube channel of Elogic. They visually complement many of Elogic blog articles and shall become the place of inspiration for businesspeople.

Note: This article is updated every week to gather all videos in one place and give a brief overview of what each episode holds for you. Bookmark this article for future reference and add it to your best commerce YouTube channels. Or better still, subscribe to LoveCommerce and keep your finger on the pulse of the latest ecommerce news.

About Elogic Commerce

Elogic Commerce is a full-cycle ecommerce development company and a certified Adobe Solution Partner. Founded in 2009, Elogic has completed hundreds of ecommerce projects for B2B and B2C clients from all over the world. The company mainly focuses on Magento development but is developing expertise for other platforms, like Shopify, BigCommerce, Salesforce, commercetools, etc. Elogic Commerce has been featured among the top Magento developers on Clutch and has received a 2019 Imagine Excellence Award as a #1 Magento community contributor.

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Any recommendation of a 404 monitoring tool for Magento 2 that allows to create 301 redirects?

We’ve just migrated from M1 to M2 and it has been quite a messy migration with many URLs changing. In M1 we had a 404 manager extension which kept an check on 404s, counted how many instances of each and allowed us to ignore or create a redirect. I can find several options to achieve this in M1, but none at all for M2 for some reason.

Is anyone aware of a good tool we can use in our M2 store that will monitor 404s and allow us to manage them? Really I just need a list in a nice format as we will probably manually create redirects in nginx

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How would I go about coding a plugin like this Magento 2.4?


I’m very new to Magento and PHP. I’ve just set up Magento 2.4 and hosted it on a remote server along with the sample data.

Now, I’ve managed to make myself familiar with how the Magento admin page works, but now I would like to code a plugin that would allow the customers to generate custom wine bottle labels. I imagine it to be just an additional box in the product detail page where a customer would be able to pick from a variety different pre-made label images and then create their own text, choose their favourite font and place the text wherever they like within one of the pre-made label images. So just a sort of a visualization thingy. Then, I would like for the custom label information to be saved as a part of the order.

I’m quite confused as to where to start, however. Could you please point me to some reading or video tutorials that I could use to get a basic idea of how to code a plugin like this? Or real life examples of similar plugins? I think I could do it in Javascript, but I’m not sure how I could hook it up to work with Magento and PHP.

I would like to code it myself from scratch just to learn something, so I’m not interested in already available plugins that would allow me to have such functionality.

Thank you!

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Arbitrage paid for via stolen credit cards: Any good Anti-Fraud extensions?

We recently noticed a flood of chargebacks on our magento 2 webstore, and pieced together a fraud scheme that caught us off guard: a scammer listed our products on eBay for impossibly low prices, then when they sold those eBay items, they used stolen credit cards on our website to purchase the items to dropship to their eBay customers. We reported a number of these eBay stores and filed a police report + IC3 FBI report about these dozen (so far) transactions and have found that the billing and shipping address being 2 different names and locations is the easiest way to spot the fraudulent transitions. The trouble is, my payment processor (braintree) and a few other payment processors I have called do not have an option to decline transactions where the billing+shipping address are more than X miles apart.

Is anyone aware of a payment processor or third party extension with this sort of functionality? Perhaps something that triggers a notification email to admins to review an order before shipping? Unfortunately I am finding this is a scenario that few processors have tools to stop.

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No tax class setting for new product type in M2

Hi, we have had a new product type developed for our M2 store which is based off a Bundle product, but hides its contents. This works well, but all products of this new type have no tax being applied and there is no Tax Class option in the admin setting for these products so I cannot set them to be ‘taxable goods’.

I have identified the catalog_eav_attribute entry for tax class and added our new product type into the ‘apply_to’ value, but still don’t get the option to choose a tax class in the product settings. Is there somewhere else that I should set this up in order to be able to control tax class for this new product type?


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Magento 2 Product Attributes not appearing

My Magento 2 store has a couple of different types of products (E.G Simple, Configurable, Grouped, Bundle, Custom, etc). For most of them, all the attributes show up correctly. However only for Custom Products, 2 important attributes (Tax Class and Restricted Countries) are not appearing when i create new products.

Custom Products is a type of product that is created by a plug-in i am running. The Restricted Countries attribute is a non-standard attribute that was also customised for my store.

These attributes are already specified to an Attribute Set that is used by Custom Products.

Any ideas why this happens, and how can i fix this issue to have these attributes appear?

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Magento 2 upsell and downsell


I’ll try to explain as basic as possible. I wonder if there are any plugins/modules close to my request below.

We have a page. On this page, some information about the product is shown. At the bottom, we have payment details for the customer to fill in. Customer clicks ‘Buy now’ at the bottom of the page.

This should take the customer to a separate upsell page, offering them a bundle pack. The customer can click yes, and get to the “thank you” page. If they click no, they should get to a downsell page.

Same as above, on this downsell page, yes->thank you page, and no-> another downsell page.

Lastly, the second downsell page should take the customer to the thank you page with either selection.

If clicking yes on some of the offers, the products should be added to the order.

I hope my explanation is understandable. Please give me some advice if any module/plugin exists that can do this, and if so, should there be any limitations in regard of my description above?

Excuse my English, it is not my mother tounge.

Best regards, Ludvig

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Issues with elasticseach and Magento 2.4.3

Hey guys, I had a bunch of bs installed on my 2.3 setup that we decided to just export existing catalog, customers and orders when moving to 2.4

So far things are great except one issue.

Sorting and pagination do not work. Magento displays all items within the category completely ignoring the default values for items per page on grid and list view.

I should only see 12 but I see hundreds.

I have heard this is a possible issue with elasticseach but haven’t found any concrete solutions.

Has anyone experienced this or can help point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance.

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Need some help and Guidance regarding Magento SEO.

So to summarize: We had an agency create and migrate some of our stuff from the old website to a new website. But after a few months of running, we noticed a significant amount of decrease in oeganic traffic. After checking, we found out that thwy did not import any of the meta tags, like title description, etc.

We have a total of 121 products, but with variations, it will be over 5,916.

What we wanted to do first was go thru each of these 5,916 variations and products and insert our meta data manually. But what I formulated was that we only needed to add the meta data to those products that have this: Visibility > Category, Search

Instead of adding it yo variations which have: Visibility > Not visible…

I have two questions: 1. Is my understanding correct? That we only have to add the meta data to those with visibility > category, search?

  1. After changing the SEO data, how long will it take effect for us to see it on the url’s page source? I did change a few already, but I only saw the results for 1 product so far. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you in advance!

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