Any advice when hiring a front-end developer for Magento2?

I have a plan to hire a front-end developer + UX/UI designer for Magento2 project.

If you hire a front-end developer for Magento2, what questions would you ask?

What other things should I check?

The job is remote & part-time.

(After the designer designs pages & layouts with Figma, ask the developer to develop the design. Is my plan correct? I’m a non-developer and non-designer.)

Any advice is welcome!


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Duplicate PHP sessions

We are currently experiencing duplicate sessions with one of our Magento implementations and we have no clue where the issue could be.

Our set up consists of a Magento 2.3.2 docker service with 3 instances which use a single Redis as sessions store according to the Magento docs. However somehow customers suddenly experience different data in their quote’s, data that belongs to other customers (name address e.t.c.) due to sessions being handed out multiple times (we can see this in the customer_visitor table).

Did anyone experience anything similar? or does anyone suspect any direction we could look at?

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My magento FPC cache keeps getting reset. Why?

Hello, I am on magento 2.4.2-p1.

I have a good amount of traffic, but I still see pages getting non cache hits. Let me explain. I built the cache for the first 4 products of a category. And it was fine. I then had a hunch that changes in backend are causing the FPC cache to reset.

So I updated the title of a random product. I then went back to the front end and all cache was lost(not getting FPC hits). I built up the cache by clicking a few products and ran another test: I took a random product in the backend and added it to another category. Result: cache was reset.

So this makes me wonder, what else resets the cache? Please note, I am not manually resetting the cache in backend. Is changing the inventory of an sku going to reset the fpc cache? Is my store just broken? If this is normal operation, it makes me wonder what else is resetting the cache?

We constantly work in the backend adding products and updating descriptions from 10-5PM. But I also notice resets after 5 o clock.

Please let me know if this is normal for m2? Maybe I need varnish or just need to know what not to do to keep the fpc cache in the system. Please let me know if there are any solutions. My m2 without cache hits gets a ttfb of 1000ms, so this is very important to me(I am small business, not a developer, but I do have a developer team that doesnt know what is going on when I asked these questions).

I never thought I needed a cache crawler, as I had a good amount of traffic (2000 visitors daily). But if this is the solution everyone uses, I can get it, as long as it is smart enough to recrawl after a cache is cleared.

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HELP: widgets duplicate and override each other after saving

We have faced an issue, that:
We go into CMS page and make some changes (doesn’t matter if it is 1 or 10 widgets page, either it contains images or text only)
We press save button
Sometimes some widgets duplicate and appear instead of other widgets (this way we loose content and specific widgets)
After that we press save again and again
Widgets keep duplicating and overriding other widgets without even making any changes in the content.

This is how it looks before making changes and saving:
This is how it looks after: (banners widget doubled and appeared instead of product list).

But this does not happen each time, sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

Maybe someone has experienced such situation or has any ideas how to solve it?
Me and our programmers does not even know where to start fixing this. Any help would be really appreciated.
Thank you

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Recruiter advice

Hi all, first off don’t worry I’m not going to spam this sub trying to recruit here! haha

That being said any advice you’d give to a recruiter?

I just started this job and only work with jobs that require Magento experience. All the tech i get to hear y’all talk about I think is so cool and I’m loving it.

Anyway, i know recruiters can be really annoying and I don’t want to be one of the recruiters that leaves that kind of impression. What type of things do you appreciate or wish people in my job did differently when working with you all in the eCommerce world?

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crawl scans collecting hreflang urls between stores

So my site uses a multiple store setup and most of the stores were setup using a subfolder including store.tld as my default store and store.tld/en-ca and store.tld/en-gb and store.tld/en-au etc as subfolders. This is actually my full structure.

  1. store.tld
    1. store.tld/en-ca
    2. store.tld/en-gb
    3. store.tld/en-au
    4. store.tld/en-in
    5. store.tld/ ETC
  2. store2.tld
  3. store3.tld

My hreflang for store.tld are simple. store.tld is x-default. All others are for their own href language.

When I scan let’s say store.tld it only crawls urls containing store.tld only but if I scan store.tld/en-ca it will show all urls from store.tld/en-ca but also show a ton (maybe all) store.tld urls too! Why is this happening?

  1. I’m guessing it is crawling the x-default store.tld domain in the hreflang tag of the store.tld/en-ca domain. So it’s indexing STORE A to B but does it back to B? More at #3.
  2. Why is it not crawling any domains from /en-gn or /en-au? I mean if it was reading the hreflang tags why not read all the tags. Is it because it only focuses on x-default?
  3. Does any of this matter as far as SEO and site structure? I mean if googlebot crawls a url like store.tld/en-ca/* looking for /en-ca/ content and it somehow crawls onto the store.tld x-default domain won’t the en-ca hreflang tag on those pages tell googlebot that store.tld urls are not for en-ca and it should get back over to store.tld/en-ca urls instead?

Thanks for any advice. This is bugging me. Again if I scan a storeview that uses a domain like store3.tld or store2.tld this is not happening because store2.tld and store3.tld are not in the hreflang tags of store.tld site but a subfolder that is ended from store.tld is a different story. I am assume a crawl tool sees a subfolder as nothing more than a page or an extension of the site and so maybe that is how it is treating it?

My site does use MageWorx SEO Suite if that helps.

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Payment transaction failed. Reason Invalid HTTP response version: 2

Anyone have any experience fixing this issue?
Magento version 1.8

Whenever customer places an ourder the payment fails

Payment transaction failed. Reason
Invalid HTTP response version: 2

Paypal Express Checkout and Payflow gives same error.

I am far from a dev. Not sure what’s wrong because our host says our SSL is good, and we did a test on the HTTP2 capability of the site and it passed.

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Magento 2.4.3 Released [August 10, 2021]

Magento 2.4.3 version is released on August 10, 2021, which offers platform enhancements with security and performance improvements.

Release Notes:

  1. Magento 2.4.3 Open Source Release Notes
  2. Magento 2.4.3 Commerce Release Notes

Other Useful Links:

Key Highlights of Magento 2.4.3 Release Notes:

  • Page Builder for Open Source
  • Security with reCAPTCHA coverage
  • GraphQL coverage for shared routes
  • Updated Vendor Developed Extensions
  • Introduced B2B v1.3.2 for Adobe Commerce

Read the detailed release notes at

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Product images shown in wrong order

I use Magento 2 and I have tons of products on our website. We change/update/add images to our product through a FTP server. So if an article has the number 12345. We upload an image to the FTP with the name 12345. Magento grabs the image and displays it on the site. If we have more images to one article number, we upload like this: 12345_1, 12345_2, 12345_3 and so on.

This has worked so fine until recently. Now the order is sometimes random and we get dublicates.

Example: item 12345.
Images on FTP: 12345_1 , 12345_2 , 12345_3 , 12345_4.
Images shown on site: 12345_2 , 12345_4 , 12345_3 , 12345_2

Anyone experienced something similar. I know this is pretty specific, but it is a hard thing to google.

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