Update from Magento 2.3.1 to 2.3.5

I am doing a composer upgrade.

  • Site in maintenance mode
  • Running running “composer update”

Problem 1

– Installation request for magento/magento2ce 2.3.1 -> satisfiable by magento/magento2ce[2.3.1].

– magento/product-community-edition 2.3.5 requires magento/module-tinymce-3 100.3.5 -> satisfiable by magento/module-tinymce-3[100.3.5].

– don’t install magento/module-tinymce-3 100.3.5|remove magento/magento2ce 2.3.1

– Installation request for magento/product-community-edition 2.3.5 -> satisfiable by magento/product-community-edition[2.3.5].

I have been googling and searching and found nothing helpful. Any advice?

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Get Filter options of Layered Navigation

Hi! so the thing is i’ve been trying to fetch filters(layered navigation) list that displays on storefront as well. I am getting the filters right, like if on frontend 3 filter options are avialable(color,size,category) i’m getting it, butif i traverse $filter->getItems(), it’ll give me ALL the options, like if there are 100 color in the backend it’ll return all of them, but i need only those options which display on layered navigation on storefront(i.e only those which have saleble products) like if there are only 3 colors available that have saleble products i want my custom code to return me only those 3 colors without looping through whole product collection. For the life of me i couldn’t figure out how magento handles it on storefront. I need some urgent help with this situation. Thanks in advance!
P.S: using magento 2.3.2 on linux

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what is magento service?

Magento Services assists organizations with handling the different trade difficulties that face visionary, transformative organizations. Our edge is gotten from our immediate access to Magento item proprietors and architects, unequaled experience, particular start to finish the venture approach, and mix of in-house and industry best practices.

Multi-disciplinary administrations give key vision, fortify quality, streamline execution, and drive operational knowledge.

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messageManager on category page

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone else has come across this issue as I’m pulling my hair out with this one.

We have a plug-in which redirects customers to the category page when they attempt to view a disabled product.

This redirect includes adding a message about the product no longer being available which is built using the standard messageManager.

However, when cache is enabled this message doesn’t appear on the category page the customer redirects to and instead appears after the customer clicks a different product and is taken to this products details page.

I can only assume that because the category page is loading from cache that the customer session isn’t being updated with the message to display?

How can I force a cache refresh on the category page? I don’t really want to set the messageManager block to no_cache as this then disables the full page cache on category pages completely.

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Discussion: When developing a M2 store from scratch based on blank/luma, do you guys use extensions like Mega Menu or do you build everything by your own? If so, how would you start, if not, what extensions do you use?

I’m wondering about navigation in particular because that is a crucial part of e-commerce and it seems to be very hard to develop from scratch. If not, could you share any information on how you do it? Thanks

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Any recommendations for Infinite Scroll/Lazy Load extension for M2 SEO reasons

We had an infinite scroll on our M1 site but had to take it off as it was affecting SEO.
It worked well for the buyers but because google wasn’t crawling the scrolling there were lots of pages not getting indexed.
I’ve just come across this article from April 2020 regarding google and infinite scroll and they are saying it does work as long as you ALSO include pagination

So does anyone have any recommendations for a infinite scroll/lazy load extension that adheres to googles requirements of scroll + pagination?
I’ve been looking at the amasty one but I’m sure there are others that might be recommended.

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Extension like WP’s FakerPress for M2?

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone was aware of an M2 extension with functionality similar to WordPress’s plugin “FakerPress”. This is a plugin for developers to create “dummy” data like users, posts, pages, etc.

I looked around online and didn’t find much so I figured I’d ask here. It would be nice to have something that at least let’s you create fake customers and orders.

Someone mentioned the sample data package but it wasn’t clear if this did customers and orders which is the most important thing to me.

Thank you.

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Grouping promotions on one page.

Hi all,

A client messaged me that he would like to have a banner on the mast site pointing to the promotions they are running at the moment. Is this possible?

At the moment the “discover our offers page” is pointing to a random page on the website, the idea would be that all the promotions would appear on a single page and when promotions appear/disappear that page would get updated.

What would be the easiest/cleanest/fastest way to do this?

My thoughts would be to add a page called promotions and list the SKUs of the promotion on that page. This would cause manual labour I guess. Meanwhile, change the URL in the banner to point to that promotions page.

All feedback and help would be great!

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