I have a old Magento install on a server that doesn’t work and I cant fix it. I have managed to sync the db with a localhost Magento site but am having trouble getting images to work (Both 2.3)

Hey yall, so I have a corrupted Magento site on a server that I have no idea how to fix. My goal is to export the product csv and I have done so by connecting the new fresh Magento installation on my localhost with a sql dump.

I have all the files in the server and have downloaded the /media folder and put it in the same path as before. But the images still dont show up on the local site.

Am I missing the right files? How can I fix this?


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Plugins to sync inventory to Allegro

Does anyone use these & have any experience? I’ve seen one by CedCommerce, but their demo leads to a 404 concerning.

I’ve also seen Macopedia, which seems to be free and opensource (with paid commercial support etc), but it seems that we would have to have another storefront on our site with PLN prices.

Do you lot have any other suggestions to link upto Allegro? (Something like M2E would be perfect!)

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Products disappearing after being updated/saved

Hi all,

At the moment I am lost about an issue with our Magento shops, we are running Magento 2.2.4 with several shops configurated, every time we update/edit a product and save the product disappears. The only way to get the product back is to re-index the database. I am not sure one of the latest updates would solve the problem or what is exactly causing this issue. Any leads, suggestions would be great.


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At what scale would you choose Magento over WooCommerce or Shopify?

I’m a front end dev with a potential client who has circa 20,000 products in inventory and an existing customer base in the hundreds of thousands. I’m wondering would they need a Magento commerce solution or would WooCommerce with scaleable cloud hosting perform for them? Also, generally interested in your thoughts on, at what scale does WooCommerce not meet requirements. Thanks

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Magento 2 in kubernetes?

Hi Everyone,

Is anyone running Magento on k8s? Any pitfalls or gotchas you’ve run into? I’m looking at an on premises deployment, we have the infrastructure to go either way. I’ve been a big fan of Kubernetes, but since Magento is a beast as it is I’m hesitant to make it even more complicated.


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Any guidelines to improve Site Speed?

I want to give our development team some information regarding how to best speed up our Magento Website that they are developing.

I understand that achieving a high Google PageSpeed score for it might be a pipe dream but as we really care about our customer experience more than the PageSpeed score I was hoping the community could share any tips, guides or guidelines they have found practically useful to make their magento store as fast as possible

We are currently developing on Cloudways with a 4 GB Digital Ocean Server based out of Bangalore. Our customers are primarily in India and we currently get between 1500-2000 visitors a day and hope this scales once we launch our new website.

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