Urgent- need help with configuration settings

Hey guys …I come to you with my head hung low .. I just screwed something up and I’m looking for some advice on how to best handle the situation before I make it works.

We have two nods in our magento environment, and I was on one trying to get a list of all of the configuration settings. I ran : bin/magento config:set thinking it would show everything, instead it said it was setting some values to default. After that point that node started experiencing errors, and can’t even find our mysql database because it claims host and dbname settings/parameters are not set. The mysql cnfiguration is in our env.php which I understand to be environment specific. The config.php and env.php look good. They still have the values I’m expecting.

The other node is running well. I’ve taken the affected node out of our pool, and we’re running on one node at the moment.

So, for the affected node, I just need to know the best way to get the desired config back into play. It looks like perhaps I need to run app:config:import but I’m super hesitant without some feedback. I don’t want to corrupt the other node if that command might write unexpected configuration information into the database where the other node would pull it.

I feel like the configuration in the database right now is good, as the remaining node is running fine.

Any guidance appreciated!

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