Configurable products with unique URLs

At present we have all our products as simple products, but some of these are similar with different sizes etc, so should really be set up as a configurable product. We want to change these so, all skus still show in the product category, but navigating into one of those pages includes the different options. When clicking a different option, it reloads the page with the unique URL from that sku. Example has easy options that use a unique URL. Amazon also do it like this. In magento it seems you need to create a new sku for a configurable product, and it doesn’t seem like you can select existing skus. is a M2 website, that is fast loading when changing the product options with unique URLs.

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Move from Magento 1.9.x to 2.x.x

We are working on moving an existing Magento 1.9.x site to version 2. We are considering purchasing a pre-made Magento template to aid in setup of the new site.

Is this a good/bad idea?

The site is for a tool distributor. I found a template on templatemonster but it’s made for version 2.3.1. From my discussions with them, it will only work for that specific version.

I’m looking for some advice.


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Recommendations for a SAML module for Magento 2

Hello everyone. I need to enable strong identification / SAML login on our new Magento 2.3 store. I was originally looking at the miniOrange module as that enabled us to get started for free, but it looks like we need the features of the premium version which is $449 where as the SAML Single Sign On module is just $299. I am tempted by the cheaper option as I may need several license keys over time for different stores so the cost savings would add up over time. However both module providers are unknown to me so I have no idea what to expect in terms of code quality. Does anyone have experiences of either module provider or the modules themselves? Thanks for any help in this matter.

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Magento 2.4 fails to install due to missing composer config file in composer_home

I tried to install Magento 2.4 via command line. It runs smooth until

[Progress: 653 / 1206] Module 'Magento_ComposerRootUpdatePlugin': 

At this step the installation fails with

Installing data... Reading /<magento_root>/composer.json Loading config file /<magento_root>/composer.json Failed to initialize global composer: Composer could not find the config file: /<magento_root>/var/composer_home/composer.json To initialize a project, please create a composer.json file as described in the "Getting Started" section 

Composer is installed globally. The Magento documentation does not mention anything else regarding composer.

Thank you very much.

For reference: I also posted at stackexchange. People seem to face the same issue but no solution so far:

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How do you install patch ASPB20-22 on Magento 2.3.5-p1. There is no clear cut description on how to patch

Here is teh official notes for Pacth ASPB20-22 by Adobe.

There is no information on where to download the patch and how to install it. And nothing on this page makes sense? I mean, what the hell? (patches tab)

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