New to the Magento world. I need resources and suggestions

Hey Starting off my new side project based on magento, pretty new to this so I need some resources to get better quick and some suggestions/tips/tricks. The project is a online e-bike shop I’ll start with a few bikes then scale it up. The setup is AWS + Magento 2.3 x still developing/poking around so no link.

  1. Analytics what do I use? How do I implement Google Analytics into it?
  2. SEO – what do I need to implement schema rich snippets
  3. Any marketing related resources are welcome

Thanks a lot.

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Free thanks to Magento php[architect]’s March isses focuses on it’s evolution [OC]

The magazine I edit and publish has four features on Magento this month and it’s free (with a registration): March 2020 – How Magento is Evolving

  • The State of Magento By Ben Marks
  • Asynchronous Magento By Oleksandr Lyzun
  • From Monolith to Service Isolated Architecture By Igor Miniailo
  • Alternative Checkout Flow By Yevhen Sentiabov, Alex Paliarush
  • Magento Inventory and In-Store Pickup By Oleksandr Kravchuk, Eugene Shakhsuvarov

You can download one article PDF directly, it’s the Asynchronous article.

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What team members I require for a big Magento project?

I plan to create an ecommerce store with lots of custom functionalities. The platform I have decided to build is Magento. I just want to know what are the team members that I am required to hire. I want individual team members for different tasks as i require them to be an expert. So, could you please suggest me different team members and a basic cost estimate

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Display Simple Products but link to Configurable – M2

One of my clients have a catalog with few configurable products with lots of options. He wants to display all the simple products in the category page in order to have the category look more populated.
So, my thought to fix this by displaying the simple products, but link to the configurable product. I have done this solution for another client, but it resulted in bad performance and almost all modules does not work out of the box.

Anyone out there made a solution for this, that actually worked?

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Magento 1.9 – How to update table values using CSV?

I want to add alt tags to my all 50K products so that i plan to update table catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value. After created csv

and directly imported to the table catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_value.

The value is not updated return error like INSERT INTO catalog_product_entity_media_gallery_valueVALUES (‘7653’, ‘0’, ‘951 Rose P’, ‘1’, ‘0’) Actualy i want to update, how to do that?

FYI: Value_id is Foreign key

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Anybody running a dockerized local instance (that’s able to switch php versions) for their company?

I’m looking for an easy docker implementation that doesn’t require users to type in a bunch of commands but perhaps an app that has menus or a list of commands that automate some processes. I’ve tried devil box and I like it, just might be bloated. Is there a bundled app just for Magento 2 that comes with an easy to use UI or commands that you can change php versions ? Or better yet run multi php versions?


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Newsletter settings not saving.

Hi I am new to using Magento so any help would be great.

When I go to my Newsletter templates they show in a list but when I edit them the Preview Template, Save As & Save Template buttons are not doing anything.

They where working fine but installed some Security Patches and not working now. Also everything else is working fine.

Can someone please help me with this issue.

Magento Version –

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Magento 2.0 admin / Marketing job in Asheville, NC

I apologize! I know this position will be “beneath” most of the people on this board, but I’m hoping there might be a couple of recent grads or that someone may know a recent grad who might be good for this open position. This is an “early career” position in Asheville, NC with the Marketing Department of a large eCommerce company. The roles is basically 70% Magento administration 30% general marketing. The Magento portion would mostly be content updates but would also include some light customization, page creation, etc. The marketing portion would be digital marketing heavy in paid advertisements (PPC, SEM, etc), email campaigns, social media marketing, SEO, etc.

The position would be great for someone with an internship or just a couple of years of professional working experience looking to dive in deep with a large marketing department and a lot of people to learn from. Compensation is probably in the $40-50k range, maybe up to $60k for the right person.

No sponsorship provided. Not open to contractors or consultants. FTE, direct-hire only. Sorry, but no relocation assistance is provided either. If you would like to apply please send an email to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]).

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