Advice on picking a theme for Magento2 Migration

I have a site (running Mag1) that we are gearing up to migrate to Magento2. Speed, support, and development time are a factor as we need to be PCI compliant at a certain time. I do know that building a child theme off of blank/luma may be the way to go, but I also know that this can be painfully slow. Are there any themes out there that you could recommend that are lightweight, supported, and would cut down on my dev time?

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Issue with Shipping and Sales Tax

My client just told me today I’m doing sales tax wrong. Oops. Was supposed to charge tax on shipping. Magento 2.3.5 is good in so many ways, but some of these config options I get lost on. I configured my shipping to have my tax, and it changed from $11.87 to $13.02. That’s a win! I thought that was great, but the tax part was still $8.95. Shouldn’t that tax part update too? Maybe there’s a config area I’m missing?

I don’t feel like this is a bug that I’m the first one who’s noticed. Not sure what the best path forward here is.

Subtotal $79.95
Shipping Excl. Tax (FedEx – Home Delivery) $11.87
Shipping Incl. Tax (FedEx – Home Delivery) $13.02
Tax $8.95
Order Total Incl. Tax $100.77
Order Total Excl. Tax $91.82

Thanks for taking a look! Appreciate it.

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Magento2: FAQ extension with SEO microdata ( data)

A few of my WordPress blogs that use Schema structured data blocks including FAQ; questions/answers. Now in Google Search Console, Google recognizes these pages as FAQs.

Is there anyway to add this feature to Magneto? I have a FAQ page and I’d love for the content to be properly formatted. I see a few FAQ modules for product pages but none use a schema setup.

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Side Job: Need developer to fix some little bugs and get me into production mode..

TLDR: pm me if you are a capable developer and can fix some bugs in magento 2.1.12 and possibly upgrade to latest magento.

Hired a developer to fix some small things and upgrade from 2.1.12 to 2.3. It was a terrible experience. Thankfully we still had the old 2.1.12 intact and we migrated from a VPS to a magento cloud managed host. Site is up and running in developer mode, but does not look right when going into production mode. (Fix one)

Fix 2: I’d like to re-upgrade latest magento to be able to take advantage of the magento cloud features(redis and elastic search) do this on a test folder and then switch this into production.

I expect it to be a “quick” job, but could lead to more future work.

If interested, PM me with your skills/portfolio/suggestions/whatever.

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Headless/Productless store

In Magento 2 is it possible to have a headless/productless store? What if I wanted to send a made up product directly to a cart page? What if the amount of attributes required to build my products generated 100s of thousand skus. If I could dynamically send all the info to the cart to purchase an item why would the product have to live in Magento?

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Changing Sku # with Simple Product with Customizable Options (not configurable options)

Hello Everyone,

I am working on making some product page changes and have stumbled across something that I have been spinning my wheels on and getting no where.

We have pieced together an extension that works with configurable options and it changes the sku whenever someone choose their options which was easy enough to find on the web.

Something like this tutorial will do this portion:

But two of our older sites that we just migrated over from Magento v1.9 to Magento v2.3.2 (at the moment) and these older sites were built with Customizable Options instead of Configurable Options.

We developed our extension to work with configurable options and now I am going back and trying to add on the customizable options code in so that the SKU changes once they have chosen their options.

I am having some difficulty getting the sku to change, they do have fixed sku’s so its not dynamic or anything. I can have it changed the product name, no problem but having it change the SKU has become tedious.

I did some searching through Reddit, Magento and Google and didn’t find anything that was up to date and would work for me. So I am asking here for guidance to point me in the right direction.

If you know of a good tutorial or something that will give me a good grasp on what way to go, please let me know. Any help is wanted.

thank you!


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